Bryan West


Born on Long Island in New York, July 20, 1970.   Currently signed with SunSalty Records, a new and upcoming record label.  Bryan West started singing in his early 20's performing at local clubs in New York and surrounding states, building a large following of fans   This experience drove him to go to Nashville, Music City, U.S.A. and try to get a record deal.  While in Nashville, he built tremendous friendships with many of the local performers and some well known entertainers from the past.  Wilma Burgess was one of those great friends who supported and believed in Bryan West.  Wilma's background included recording many top ten hits with Decca Records.  At that time in her career, Wilma was great friends with Patsy Cline.  She was very taken by the special quality of Bryan Wests's voice, many times bringing up the timbre of his voice, that she found to be so special.  Wilma would say that the last time she heard such a unique timbre was when she first saw the famous country music singer, Eddie Arnold perform. While in Nashville, Bryan West had the opportunity to record a few songs.  Unfortunately his efforts, at that time, were never able to produce that coveted record deal he so much wanted to achieve. During that time in Bryan West's life he started to question the future of a career in music.  This resulted in his considering becoming an airline pilot, following in his Dad's footsteps. 

Once achieving his new goal of becoming an airline pilot, Bryan West flew the friendly skies for over fifteen years, when he was forced to retire as the result of an injury he received while at the airline.  Fortunately, this injury did not effect his ability as a singer and performer.         

Bryan West has returned to singing and performing and is now better than ever.  His new album, "Bryan West - The Compilation" , is a creative masterpiece.  A diverse group of songs, some he penned, others he didn't, make up this album.  Music lovers around the world have much to look forward to now that Bryan West has the opportunity to get his music out, globally, on the new SunSalty record label.  

When I Said

Bryan West's Second Single 

'WHEN I SAID" now available to stream on Youtube!


Check out Bryan West's debut music video for "Let The Girls In"!